General understanding of the Subscribers section

Last updated:

Subscribers’ section received a significant update, which changed essential aspects of workflow. The system received new components like group tag, which simplifies administration work a bit a mile, but on that later on. 

Subscribers section has several separate tabs  

  • Subscribers
  • Groups
  • Saved segments 
  • Fields 

All Subscribers 

The subscribers’ section is the place where you find all subscribers in one place. Here you can find segmentation and filtration tools. These tools are used to classify different recipients by specific rules, status or behaviors. 

Subscribers will have a status label next to the email address:  active, bounced, or unsubscribed tag will be attached to each recipient. 

More information on subscribers’ management is found here.




The second tab is called Groups. You can think of group tags as labels for your contacts that help you stay organized. Group tags are a way for you to identify subscribers based on the information you have about them. 

Basically, groups play a similar role as mailing lists, though it has a few differences. Each new subscriber must be assigned to a group upon the import or attached to it later on. The subscriber can receive multiple group tags. 

Group section stores saved groups (basically, mailing lists). Additional groups can be created, edited, and managed in this section.

More information on Groups is found here.


Next, the Saved segments tab stores grouped/arranged subscribers. Here you can access, edit, modify and create new segments. 

More information on “Segments” can be found here.



Let’s continue with the fields section. Here you can find already existing fields and create new custom fields for the subscribers. 

A more in-depth guide on “Fields” can be found here.


That’s it! 


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