Subscribers Management: Segments

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Segment feature is usually used to build targeted audiences based on various conditions. In order to create a subscriber’s segment based on different requirements, a segment must be made and conditions set.  


Let’s continue by clicking the “Create new segment” button. Next, you will be asked to identify the segment. After that, subscribers section will appear, and a new segment is created. Now we need to create a set of conditions.

Now we want to make a set of conditions.

Let’s start by tapping on “Advanced filters” button. 


Now you’re presented with different filtration options. Subscribers can be segmented by various conditions, including basic information, recipient’s activity, and custom fields. 


Furthermore, if you’re looking for a precise segmentation, you can add multiple sets of conditions. Subscribers that match all conditions/rules will be presented below.


After subscribers are filtered out – you can execute different actions. Divided recipients can be attached or removed from a particular group, marked as unsubscribed, deleted, exported, and saved as a segment. 

action bar

That’s it! 

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