Subscribers Management: Groups

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Group tags are the way to identify recipients based on the information you hold on them. Group labels play a similar role as mailing lists, though it has a few differences. Each new subscriber must be assigned to a group upon the import or attached to it later on. Users can add multiple group tags for the same recipient. 

group section

Actions that are arranged in the “Group” section. 

  • Create a new group tag.
  • View, edited and deleted groups
  • Assigned subscribers to a group.
  • Group’s performance can be observed. 

Creating a new group

By clicking a “Create new group” button, you will create a new group. Next, a few options for adding or assigning subscribers appears:
  • Already existing recipients can be assigned to a group (click on the group’s name).
  • Adding new recipients by clicking on the “Add subscribers” button. 

If you’re trying to assign existing recipients, click on the group’s name; after subscribers window appears – filter out needed recipients via advanced filters or status. 

advanced filters

After you finished the segmentation process – select filtered recipients and click on action button > add group. 

action bar

That’s it! Subscribers were successfully assigned to a new group and received additional group tag. 

Let’s continue by adding new recipients.

Go ahead and click on a “Add subscribers” button. 
action bar

Next, the subscribers’ import window will appear. There are a few methods to upload recipients.

  • Via file ( excel. or CSV. format ) 
  • Importing manually ( Copy & Paste ) 
  • Importing from MailChimp. Click here for a dedicated tutorial.

When subscribers are imported, you will be asked to assign custom fields; for example, names will need to be assigned to “First name” column, etc. 

Next, when columns are marked – click on the “Start import” button. The upload process takes up to a few seconds.

subscribers import window

Here’s a dedicated guide for transferring subscribers from mailchimp. Click here

That’s it! 

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