How to import subscribers from MailChimp

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The transitioning between providers should be easy and straightforward, so we created a sophisticated tool, especially for that.

First of all, to transfer subscribers from mailchimp to sender, you will need to open dashboard and click on the Subscribers section. Then select the “Add subscribers” button on the screen’s right side.

Here is how it’s look in motion:

After you did that, click on the Mailchimp icon and enter your Mailchimp account’s API key in the area below.

How to find API key in at Mailchimp?

First, open Mailchimp’s dashboard and click on your Title > Account

Then click on “Extras” > API key and Copy the key

After you enter the API key and hit the “Get lists” button your mailing lists will be imported from Mailchimp. The whole process will take a few minutes.