How do I start? It’s easier than you think

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Getting started is easier than you think – we managed to shorten registration  process by a mile!

Let’s start by signing up for a free plan. You can start by Clicking here – next you will be brought to a registration page. Fill in empty areas by providing company namebusiness email address, and creating password.


Next, enter your first name, last name and website.


Now enter your address, city, country and pick a timezone. 


                                          Registration part is over!


 Now login to your account and select a dashboard tab. 


In the beginning,  dashboard will look different – it will have walkthrough mark that will guide you through the starting process. You will learn how to verify domain addresses, manage subscribers, read reports etc.

Let’s continue by completing steps.


Complete registration step will be completed after successful registration. 

Verify email address is pretty self-explanatory – you will need to enter your email address below and click on the confirmation email when it arrives in your inbox.


This step requires domain’s verification, click here for the guide. 


Subscribers can be import can be done in a few ways – click here for the guide. 


Sending a first campaign will complete the  step. Dedicated campaign management guide be found here


To finish this step a report must be viewed – a dedicated guide on report section is found here.

That’s pretty much it! When steps are complete, you will understand how the platform works and where different features are located. 

That’s it! 

If you are stuck on a specific task or can’t find a way to execute a particular job, contact our support team via LiveChat or – we’re here to help 24/7, 7 days a week.