Campaign’s Reports: Overview

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How do I use reports?

After the campaign is sent, the system will begin to track, analyze data – clicks, opens, bounces, unique clicks, etc. The newsletters report is located behind the “View report” button on the campaign section. Reports are updated every few minutes. 



Here’s how the general overview looks:


Let’s start with the first section. Just below the overview of your results, you will find six different counters:

  • Subscribers ( total sum of recipients).
  • Opened.
  • Unique clicks
  • Bounced.
  • Unsubscribed.
  • Spam complaints ( recipient’s reported spam).
reports section

Each report counter selectable – click to view an individual report.


Next, let’s continue with the campaign’s links. As you may already know, system tracks the performance of all campaign’s links and stored the data. 

We got two columns

  • Clicks ( shows all clicks, including duplicates) 
  • Unique clicks 
report links

When a user clicked on the link, the recipient’s that click the link will appear. Next, if you click on an individual recipient, you will access its records, basically prior actions. Furthermore, you can assign subscribers to a particular group by clicking “Add group” button. 


Okay, we are halfway through the report section.

Let’s continue with the browser, operating system, and platform statistics. These charts are pretty self-explanatory. You see the statistics where recipients open newsletters. 


The next graph is a visual chart of your campaign’s opens and clicks. The first graph shows performance per day, other – per hour. 

click and open

The last report shows the geographic statistic. You’ll be able to view the newsletter’s performance according to the recipient’s location. 

geographic location

That’s it! 

If you got stuck on a specific task or can’t find a way to execute a particular job, contact our support team via LiveChat or – we’re here to help 24/7, 7 days a week.