Subscriber’s double opt-in option

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The double opt-in approach has an additional step that is easily set. Basically, the extra action includes a confirmation step where the recipient receives a confirmation email to confirm the signup.

Alright, so in order to create a double opt-in flow, you will need to start by creating a single opt-in subscription form – for a tutorial on it, click here

Next, when a subscription form is created – choose a particular group to which the new subscribers will be attached ( you’ll be able to set that in the form’s settings). That’s necessary for the following process. For example, you could create a group called “A” for new subscribers and “B” for recipients that completed the double opt-in procedure. 

Alright, when a subscription form and “A” and “B” groups are created go a head to the automation section and create an automation which is activated by “subscriber joins a list” trigger. To learn more about triggers click here.

Now, you will need to pick “content” step and create a confirmation button or simply add a URL link that will activate the second step. Here’s an example below:

When the subscriber clicks on the confirmation link, it will be moved to the selected group. But a few more configurations are needed. Let’s continue by adding the following steps to the automation’s sequence. 
  • Delay 
  • Condition ( Link is clicked )
  • Action ( Move subscriber to another group) 
confirmation automation

That’s pretty much it. The sequence is relatively simple. Recipient subscribes via your subscription form, and the automation is trigger > the automation sends a confirmation email with a button > when the subscriber clicks the link it’s automatically moved to group “B”.