How to create an embedded subscription form?

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In order to create a form click ‘Forms’ button on the main menu bar. Then click ‘Create a form’. After the last step  you will be presented with a different form options: 

  • Embedded form 
  • Popup form
  • Landing page

Embedded form

Creating an embedded form is simple process – first, you will need to set up a design. The subscription form is fully customizable – each element can be changed and modified according to the needs. Furthermore, the subscription form can have additional pieces like reCaptcha for security, confirmation checkbox for GDRP requirements, and other options. 


Design settings offer a variety of different options. Each element is completely customizable:

  • Box settings 
  • Text settings 
  • Input labels
  • Inputs ( fields, e.g. name, surname) 
  • Checkbox
  • Button
  • Image 

Second tab is responsible for additional form’s features, like:

  • ReCaptcha – Spam prevention.
  • Confirmation checkbox – usually used for GDRP compliance.
  • Double opt-in – Invalid email address prevention. 
    Click here to learn more. 
  • Redirection – custom redirection after subscription.

The fields section is used for additional input fields, a.k.a. custom fields. These fields are imported from the general fields section ( subscribers > fields), although the light modification can be done here. 

Interest groups are used to assign new subscribers to a particular group. An interest group is selected from the recipient’s end by ticking a box. 


In an image below, you will see how the basic subscription form with few additional options looks.


New recipients will be assigned to a group which they selected upon signup.

Furthermore – thank you page can be customized – click on “Success message” button on the top and start editing text by clicking on. This banner will be shown to new subscribers after submitting the information. 

thank you

After the subscription is fully designed – click the “Save and continue” button on the top right side. After you click the button, you will be presented with the final tab – here you will find the form’s script ( embedded forms has two script parts) which must be embedded into your web-page. Additionally, report statistics like total signups etc. will be displayed as well.



The activity window can be accessed by clicking on “Overview” button in the forms section.


Note you don’t need to re-implement subscription after modifying it, the form will be automatically updated after saving it. 

That’s it!  

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