Why my account needs to be verified and when it will be done?

The accounts need to be verified by our Quality Assurance team to bring down the number of accounts that are going to send emails to harvested, purchased lists. By filtering out nearly all of them, we can achieve maximum deliverability for all our users. After all, the high IP reputation that Sender.net earned is one of our major values. That’s why we ask for your patience – it’s all for your and our other users’ good. In order to get confirmed easier, you should:

  • Fill in the questionnaire.
  • Import your subscribers.
  • Create your first campaign.

Sometimes it might take the QA team up to 72 hours to verify all the accounts in the queue. If you’ve been waiting more, you should contact the live-support or contact us at support@sender.net. You should also read the terms of service and our anti-spam policy in case you don’t comply with our rules. In that case, the account will probably get suspended.