How to upload products into the templates using the product block?

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Product block comes in handy for clients with e-commerce platforms. Store items can be easily imported to the newsletter. If you use e-Commerce platforms, you should set them up with . Currently, we have integrations with these e-Commerce platforms:

If you use anything different, here is a JSON script to allow you to import products into’s campaign editor. This code needs to be added to your product page.

<script type="application/sender+json">
      "name": string "Product name",
      "image": string "Product image link (i.e.",
      "description": string "Product description",
      "price": float(precision 2)/double(precision 2) Product (i.e. 99.99),
      "special_price": float(precision 2)/double(precision 2) Special product price (i.e. 71.99) (If there is no special price, please provide the same price here),
      "currency": string "Currency (i.e. EUR)",
      "quantity": integer Product quantity in storage (i.e. 29),
      "rating": float(precision 1)/double(precision 1) Product rating (i.e. 4.6) (this parameter is optional)

Basically, the process of importing a  product into a template is: copying the product’s URL from your e-Commerce platform and then pasting it into the Import wizard, using the product block. When the integration is set up correctly, the system can extract the following information:

  • Name
  • Image
  • Description
  • Price
  • Special price
  • Category
  • Currency
  • Quantity
  • Rating

Here is a short video tutorial on how to easily import products into templates using the product block.