How to export data?

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Subscriber’s export 

In order to export a particular set of subscribers first, you will need to filter them according to the needs. If you want to export subscribers based on general information like subscribers status ( active, unsubscribed, bounced, etc.) or subscribers’ group, you’re able to do that by ticking a few options in the main window.



Next, the system will filter subscribers that matched conditions. Now you will need to select filtered subscribers and choose the export type. The same process applies to segmented recipients using “Advanced filter”


How to export recipients from the report section?

To export recipients from campaign reports, you will need to open the campaign section and click on the reports button next to the required campaign. When the report loads – select a needed segment. 



Now pick a required tab and export recipients by clicking on the “export” button, and the recipients will be exported to the computer. 


                                                     That’s it! 

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