How does ‘Google Analytics’ work?

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In a nutshell,  UTM Parameters are tags that you attach to the end of a URL in order to track each click of a link. Once you enable google analytics the system will automatically add UTM parameters to the links within the campaign.


There are three types of UTM parameters you can choose from to help you track the traffic. Each one has its own purpose:

  • utm_campaign – indicates the campaign with a certain URL. makes the subject line the default identifier.
  • utm_source – identifies the source of your traffic. The default identifier is a username you use on the platform.
  • utm_medium – specifies the medium. In the default medium is an email.

The UTM parameters can be found in the “Settings” section on “Account Information” tab. There you can see what the assigned values are. If there is a need to change them, it can be done in the same section by editing the table of the default UTM parameters are provided above.

Here is an example of the’s URL and the UTM parameters in it:

Next time you log into your ‘Google Analytics’ you will be able to see these statistics.

That’s it! 

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