What additional information do I need to provide for my account’s verification?

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In order to protect our clients against spam, we have sophisticated a system that flag accounts that contain suspicious information.

In most cases, the system works fine; however, sometimes perfectly innocent accounts get flagged. Many factors contribute to this, so – if you see this notice, don’t worry. It might not even be something directly related to you; for example, it could be you’re happening to use an IP that was flagged as suspicious in the past. These things happen – we’re just making sure everything’s all right.

To make the process as fast as possible, please provide the following information to see if you’re a proper sender.

  1. Briefly describe how your business practices email marketing. What types of emails will you be sending?
  2. Where do you source your database/list of email addresses? Additionally, could you please provide the URLs to any of these sources (any websites or domains)
  3. What is your expected monthly email volume?

Please answer these questions as completely as possible and forward them to support@sender.net

We’re doing this not to annoy you but to protect all our users on the system.