What’s new?

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As you may probably tell, Sender receive a significant update. The update includes not only visual changes but technical improvements as well. Here you will find a brief summary of what’s new. 

Better campaign management

The new campaign management is more intuitive and user-friendly. Apart from visual changes, we added a few key features like:

  • Plain text editor.
  • Each campaign is not analyzed automatically for errors.
    (broken links, default links, mistypes, etc.)
  • Easier navigation between each campaign set.
  • Easier sorting and management options.
  • Basic reports were added alongside a campaign, including follow-up information.

Detailed information on these features is found here.

More powerful Subscribers section

Subscribers’ section got a significant update, which improved administration work by a mile. The whole interface was entirely re-designed.

  • Rebuild subscribers’ management workflow by introducing group tags.
  • Improved subscriber’s statuses and filtration methods.
  • Updated segmentation 
  • Improved custom fields section.
  • Improved subscriber’s profile information. 
  • Improved export and import processes.

Detailed information on these features is found here.

More advanced Reporting

The report section received more detailed statistics including  improved overall functionality. A few key aspects:

  • Geographic location report was added
  • Improved overall statistics 
  • More user-friendly interface and easier navigation.

Detailed information on these features is found here.

Brand new Forms and Popups!

We redesigned the forms section from scratch, giving you many more options than before. Popup forms were included, which can be created directly on the platform. What changed:

  • The subscription form’s editor was redesigned and now offers better design options. 
  • New templates were added.
  • New perks like:
    ReCaptcha, checkboxes, behavioral settings were included
  • Form reports are included
  • Better sorting 
  • Easier implementation process

Detailed information on these features is found here.

That’s it! 

If you got stuck on a specific task or can’t find a way to execute a particular job, contact our support team via LiveChat or support@sender.net – we’re here to help 24/7, 7 days a week.