The documentation of our Woocommerce plugin


This is the official documentation for’s WordPress / WooCommerce v1.0.5 integration plugin.

This plugin doesn’t require WooCommerce  to be installed, you can use it as a separate product. However, to use most of the features, it’s necessary to have Woocommerce installed.


  • Subscription forms
  • Web-Push Notifications
  • Auto-subscription of new users
  • Cart tracking
  • Abandoned cart reminder using’s automation
  • Quick product import to your campaigns
  • Guest cart capture
  • Converted cart tracking


  1. Head to and log into your account
  2. Go to the ‘API’ section and download the WordPress/WooCommerce plugin
  3. Go to your WordPress admin panel. Click on the ‘Plugins’ section. Then click ‘Add new’. Next, click ‘Upload Plugin’ and choose the file you downloaded from
  4. Install the plugin
  5. Activate the Plugin
  6. You will be redirected to the ‘Plugins’ section. Click ‘Settings’ below the ‘ WordPress / Woocommerce integration’
  7. Authenticate the plugin by clicking ‘Authenticate’. It may ask for’s credentials if you’re not currently logged into
  8. Enjoy!


‘ WordPress / Woocommerce integration’ plugin’s settings

You can find the plugin’s settings in WordPress settings menu(Called ‘ Settings’) OR in the ‘Plugins’ section. Both these paths to access the settings work the same:

Then head to the ‘Settings’ menu. You will find most settings there. They are described and explained in the following sections of the documentation.


Enabling/Disabling the ‘Auto Subscribe New Users’ feature

This feature allows you to capture new users automatically and add them to the selected subscriber list. It is especially useful for automated welcome emails.

Select a subscriber list into which the new user emails will be saved.

The feature is enabled by default. To stop the ‘Auto subscribe new users’ click on the the ‘Disable’ button.

Enabling/Disabling the ‘Guest cart tracking’ feature

Once the ‘Guest cart tracking’ is activated – all guest carts will be tracked and will show up in the dashboard. In basic terms, that means that if the guest user enters his email in the checkout form, the email will be automatically captured even if the guest did not click the button ‘Submit information’. This is especially useful if you’re using the one-step checkout.

Select a’s Mailing list to which guest user emails will be saved.

The feature is disabled by default.To start ‘Guest cart tracking’ click on the ‘Enable’ button.

(NOTE: This feature isn’t recommended for our European users or users that might have European customers due to GDPR regulations. If you’re wondering what that is, you should read this article: GDPR – What are the main things you should know?)

Enabling/Disabling ‘High Accuracy’ mode

This feature uses different WooCommerce cart tracking methods(so-called hooks) which might slow down your page.

It allows you to track carts more accurately. Usually, the cart is updated only once in awhile, this feature updates the cart when the user clicks on something, therefore increasing the accuracy. 

The feature is enabled by default. To disable ‘High Accuracy Mode’ click on the  ‘Disable’ button.

If you are experiencing any slowdowns, please disable this option.

Enabling/Disabling the ‘Product block import’ feature

This feature allows you to easily import product blocks into the’s email creator. All you need to do is to copy the product’s link and the system will automatically import the product to your email.

The feature is enabled by default. To disable it click on the the ‘Disable’ button.


When enabled, a subscription form widget will appear in the customization menu. It allows you to insert your form into your web page. All your forms must be created via the Form creator. Once the form is created, you can see it in your plugins menu

Enabling/Disabling the ‘Form Widget’

Select Forms in your Plugin’s menu

To enable the widget click the ‘Enable’ button


Here’s a short video to show you the process:


In order for people to subscribe to your push notifications, they have to click on your Push notifications icon and agree to receiving notifications. This feature adds the Push notifications icon to your website. You can manage the push campaigns in your account’s dashboard.

Creating the Push Project

Create your Push Project at – Push campaigns

Here are some articles from our Knowledge base you should definitely read – Web push notifications

Enabling/Disabling Push Notifications

In order for the Push notifications icon to appear on your website you must first have a Push project created

This is the Push notifications icon


Then click ‘Push Notifications’ in the ‘ Settings’ menu and click the button ‘Enable’

Here’s a short video to show you the process:


NOTE: These features are only available if the WooCommerce Plugin is installed and enabled.

Active Cart Tracking

In this section you can see the current active and abandoned carts. The carts have two states : active or abandoned. If the customer’s email was captured, the plugin will start an Abandoned Cart Event which can trigger your’s automation, i.e., an Abandoned Cart Reminder to remind the customers about the precious items they abandoned and help you make more sales.

The cart is considered abandoned if the user takes no action for 15 minutes.

Converted Carts

In this section you can see all the carts that have been converted successfully.

The ‘Recovered’ column shows you whether the cart was recovered via’s Abandoned cart reminder email – if the user receives an email mentioning his abandoned cart and then completes the purchase, the cart will be marked as ‘Recovered’.