The documentation of our Magento plugin

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This is the official documentation for Automated Email Marketing Magento integration plugin.


  • Abandoned cart reminder using’s automation
  • Quick product import to your campaigns
  • Guest cart capture
  • Pre-submitted Email Capturing
  • Newsletter Subscription Capturing
  • Click Through Landing
  • Choosing whether to include tax with product totals


  1. Head to and log into your account
  2. Click here to download the Magento extension
  3. Go to your Magento Admin Panel. Click on the button ‘System ‘ then click ‘Magento Connect’ and then ‘Magento Connect Manager ‘. Log in again into ‘Magento Connect Manager’
  4. Click the button ‘Choose file’ to upload the file that you’ve just downloaded. Then upload it and click ‘refresh’ when the package is installed
  5. Click ‘Return to Admin’. Log out and log in again (this step is needed to refresh the system completely)
  6. Drag your mouse on the ‘System’ section. Click ‘Configuration’. Under SENDER.NET INTEGRATIONS, click ‘Options’ . Change the ‘Current Configuration Scope’ to ‘Main Website’ and click ‘Authenticate Account’
  7. Now you can configure your’s Abandoned carts and Mailinglists according to your needs. After you’re done click ‘Save configurations’
  8. Enjoy!


Abandoned Carts Configuration

  • Pre-submit Email Capturing. It can capture typed email addresses anywhere on your site, without the customer submitting it – it’s done instantaneously and automatically.
  • Newsletter Subscription Capturing. It would capture any emails that are subscribed to your newsletter.
  • Click Through Landing. Lets you choose the page you want the customer to be directed to when they click a link in an abandoned cart email.
  • Include Tax with Product Totals. Lets you choose whether  to include taxes in the product total or not.

Mailinglists Configuration

  • Newsletter subscriber mailing list. Select a list you want the newsletter subscribers to be added to.
  • Customer mailing list. Choose a separate mailing list to add your customers to.

Here’s a short video to guide you through the process: