How do I use reports?

The report of the campaign can be checked after the campaign is sent. In order to see the report, head to the ‘Reports’ section which is on the main menu bar, a concise report is shown there, click ‘View report’ for a more comprehensive display.

There are four sections of the report:

    Shows opened, unsubscribed, unique clicks, spam complaints, not delivered and not opened emails in percentage and numerical expressions.
    Provides a way to analyze the report of the campaign by ‘opens and clicks by day’ and ‘opens and clicks by the hour’.
    Shows which browser, operating system, and platform are used by the subscriber.
    Shows the ‘Most popular links’.
    Shows the reports of the clicks on the email itself. It is very helpful to analyze how the button’s visualization and placement in the email can attract the recipient.
    Shows the subscribers’ action history, campaigns sent to this subscriber and the list the subscriber belongs to (if there is an invalid email address on your list, there is no need to handle it manually. Next time choosing the same list the same invalid email address will not be used).
    It shows the report once someone likes or shares this campaign on Facebook, Twitter or  Google+.