How do I start using

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First of all, you press the button ‘Get Started for Free’. Then, enter the required fields to the form. Once you are in, it will provide you a quick tour which we advise to complete. Next, in order to start using Sender, an email verification is needed. To do this, just simply go to your inbox, find the email sent from and verify it. After your email is confirmed successfully please complete the questionnaire. There are a couple of fields which might not be clear to you, therefore, the descriptions are provided below.

  • Company code / Tax ID: Company code or in other words, Tax ID is usually a unique ID of the company, which is given by the local government when registering the legal entity. It is used for identifying a certain company on invoices or similar legal things. If you don’t have a company ID or are working as a freelancer, you can enter your personal ID code or leave it as ‘N/A’ (Not Applicable).
  • VAT identification number: VAT(value added tax) identification number is an identifier used for VAT purposes. It will be printed on your invoices, so make sure to double-check if it’s correct.  If your company does not have a VAT code, simply leave it as Not Available – input  ‘N/A’.

After filling in your questionnaire your account is waiting for verification. For a detailed explanation regarding the account verification please visit this section: Terms of service.

Create your first campaign by clicking the button ‘Create a campaign’. When filing in the campaign settings, make sure that the ‘reply-to email address’ is your business email address, not from a free email provider(like Gmail, Yahoo mail). Next, click the button ‘Save & continue’ so you can start designing the first campaign. More info about campaigns please visit the section: Sending a campaign.

In order to import subscribers, please click ‘subscribers’ on the dashboard, then create a list. After doing it, select your file with the subscribers. To ensure best import results – please check the column types before importing. For a more detailed description regarding the subscriber management please visit the section: Subscribers management.