How do I change the settings of my account users?

First , click the ‘Account’ section on the left side of the menu bar.

You should see a list of all users that currently have access to the account at the bottom. On the left side of every user’s name there is a button called ‘Actions’.

Click it:

You can view the use, edit his/hers details or delete the user entirely.

Here’s which user settings you can edit:

Username – this is the name for logging in to

Password – self explanatory, it’s the password to the user

Email – email address associated with the user

First ant Last name – pretty self explanatory

Active checkbox – make sure you check the box before clicking ‘Submit’. If you don’t, the user will not have access to the account.

Comments – write any comments for yourself. Don’t worry, only the Company admin (you) will see the comments.

After you’re done – click ‘Submit’ and new user settings will be saved.