Creating your first automation workflow

Automation workflows allow you to create thousands of different scenarios of sending automated emails without lifting a finger. You can choose from our pre-made templates or even create your own. Some of the great examples of automated workflows:

  • Sending Welcome emails or Welcome drip campaigns
  • Happy birthday or anniversary emails
  • Abandoned cart emails or email series with cart reminders
  • Post-purchase follow-ups or feedback campaigns
  • Thanking a person for purchasing or subscribing
  • Win-back emails to inactive users
  • Once somebody clicked on specific links in previous emails(for example, a specific product link)

This might seem like a lot of work, but you can do it with a few clicks and a little bit of imagination. has an Automated Workflow builder that allows you to create ultra powerful and valuable automated emails easier than ever.

Each and every automation workflow should be triggered automatically by some event or rule, for more information about the triggers please visit Choosing a Starting Triggers and Starting Building the WorkflowYou should choose one of them in order to define what action or event should trigger the first action in the workflow.