ABC of the Drag & Drop Design Editor

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Our new editor embraces a new principle of design creation – dragging blocks to sections.

So what’s a section?

A section is basically a column layout with content elements (blocks) inside. You can add as many sections to your email as you wish. All of the sections are vertically aligned, so they go below/above one another.

Four sections

Gray dotted rectangles are sections, as you can see, there’s a variety of them. To create a new one simply drag a particular section from the list into the builder. In the picture above you can see four different sections being used – a single, a double, a triple, and a quadruple block section. All the available sections are listed on the left side of the image.

The same goes for inserting elements into blocks. You can see a list of the above. Drag and drop them into the blocks you want them to be.

You can insert a section with up to four columns for your blocks. You can only add extra blocks vertically, not horizontally to a section. If you wish to add extra blocks horizontally, that’s where sections with multiple blocks come in handy.

Watch the GIF for illustration:

Each ‘Drop blocks here’ rectangle is a column. A column has to contain blocks. If the size or formatting changes when dragging a block into a different section, try reformatting it.

So, an email is comprised of three parts:

Sections, blocks, and elements.

  • Sections are the basis for your email structure.
  • Elements are dragged into the sections.
  • Blocks are located in sections. A section has 1-4 blocks.

To add blocks horizontally, you need a clean column. To add a block vertically, simply drag it into the place you want it to be. 

Moving on to adding sections.

When adding a new section, you can choose whether to add it from the current template’s section library, the Section library or to simply start from scratch with an empty layout.

Here’s how you add new empty sections:

Select the sections you need from the library on your left and drag them straight into the builder.

Let’s try inserting a text block and some buttons to a section: 

Try playing around with the blocks – they are interchangeable: 

If you want to customize the content, for example, you should do it by creating your own themes. That will save you a lot of time in the long run.

Simply click ‘Theme settings’, ‘Customize’. By creating and saving your own themes you’ll always have a base foundation to build your campaigns on:

So, the principles of the new Design Editor is creating sections and dragging elements into the blocks. Easy enough.